Sunday, October 30, 2011

Woopsie! Walker Pay-Claim False


The Cognitive Dissidence blog said this:

"It is noted that Walker is giving himself a $7,500 raise. Not only is he being overly generous to himself, but he is also lavishing the love on some of his top henchmen like Becky Kleefisch, J.B. Van Hollen and Mike Huebsch."

Another blog, Uppity Wisconsin, made a similar claim, saying Walker "clearly thinks the hard-working, ultra-efficient, super-effective guy who's Wisconsin governor (that would be him, as defined by him) deserves a significant pay raise -- a 5.4 percent raise."

Politifact declared those statements to be false.

Most of us know that in Wisconsin, constitutional officer salaries are NEVER changed during a term in office; thus, as P-fact points out, the Governor's salary (and some others) were in effect on the day he and the rest were sworn in.

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