Thursday, October 20, 2011

The TEA Party's List

FreedomWorks did a crowd-source and came up with a list of cuts totaling $9 trillion over 10 years.

Here's the list:

1.    Repeal Obamacare
2.    Reduce duplicative purchases of Pentagon supplies
3.    Eliminate the Department of Education
4.    Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
5.    Reduce discretionary spending to 2008 level
6.    Block grant Medicaid
7.    End ethanol tax credits
8.    Sell needless federal buildings
9.    Eliminate the Department of Housing and Urban Development
10.  Reduce Medicare teaching subsidies

It's a start.


Jim said...

1. Doing so would increase the deficit according to the CBO.

4. Fannie Mae has been a publicly held "privatized" corporation since 1968. Freddie Mac was founded as and remains a private corporation in 1970.

Dad29 said...

Fan/Fred are both in receivership, and now part of Fed Housing Somefrigginthingorother.

Both were "quasi-public" and had implied taxpayer backing in case of failure.

And they did. And they are bloodsuckers.

CBO says cutting spending by $9 trill will increase the deficit, eh?

Jim said...

CBO comment (as I noted) refers to point #1 regarding PPACA.

Dad29 said...


Well, does CBO maintain that position now that CLASS is defunct?