Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Romney: The Establishment All the Way


Campaigning in Ohio today, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stopped by a Republican Party phone-bank making calls in support of Gov. John Kasich's government union reform referendum, but refused to endorse the actual referendum.

Romney.  He's the twenty-five percent.


Anonymous said...

Romney at least recognizes a sinking ship when he sees one.

Anonymous said...

And IF Romney is the GOP nominee, he can count on the votes of true-blooded conservatives despite their insistence that Romney is part of the "ruling class", a RINO, etc. etc.

After all, Romney is the "lesser of two evils".

Blah, blah, blah.


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Anonymous said...

I don't know whats funnier...the repeated posts by an obvious spam bot or the fact that they bring more to the conversation than Zero's.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, my posts contain no social redeeming value. Rather than make unsubstantiated claims, why not try refuting them with evidence?

Sorry, but it's true...conservatives who claim repeatedly that the ruling class is "ruining" America, but then vote in those same people because they are "lesser are two evils", are hypocrites.

I await your cogent rebuttal.