Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Kill Off TSA. It Can't Be "Fixed"

Just kill it off.

The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which oversees the TSA, has asserted that the release of a classified report on TSA security failures will renew calls for the replacement of the agency with private airport security personnel.

“The failure rate (for body scanning equipment) is classified but it would absolutely knock your socks off,” Florida Republican, Rep. John L. Mica told reporters during a briefing Monday.

Mica also asserted that recorded instances of pat downs failing to detect contraband are “off the charts.” This information is also currently still classified, but is due to be released within weeks as part of an upcoming committee report on the TSA’s first decade.

Now you know why TSA will NOT release its records of the tests for the last several years.

What a friggin' total waste of money.


neomom said...

I'm sure it will all get better when then unionize...

(face palm)

DHS - spend a $1B on a HQ building, leave the borders open, rely on alert passengers to stop terrorists... Oh, and now TSA is testing a checkpoint system in Tennessee for non-airline travel. Yippee!

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