Saturday, October 29, 2011

The WaPo Hit-Job on the New Translation

Saw this earlier, but didn't register with WaPo.  Fortunately, Fr. Z did.

Very subtle, sly, use of the term 'traditionalist'--a pejorative.  Also: the 'whiplash' header is pure speculation, and another negative.  And, of course, the meme is "Vatican II effected all the liturgical changes in the '60's."  That's wrong.  The changes were made, wholly and entirely, by a small bunch of people with an agenda, NOT the bishops of Vatican II.

Oh, well.


Al said...

I love the term "ritual whiplash" to imply how radical this change is, esp given how these changes are no where near as radical as those after V II.

Amy said...

And given that these upcoming changes have taken far longer than the drastic, liturgically unsound changes the folks with the agenda pushed through so quickly in the "spirit" of Vatican II.

Spare me.

Also, love how the implication is I -- as a pew sitter -- am too stupid to understand words like "consubstantial" or will be so confused because we've been doing it as we currently are for 40 years. Spare me.