Thursday, October 20, 2011

Krueger's Gone

Drove east on Bluemound today, got near 124th St., and dropped jaw.

Krueger Lithograph is gone, save for a small section which was front/center of the building.

Yah, I know it was called "Quebbecor" (or something like that) in the last several years; that Krueger sold the biz a long time ago, and that the plant's been dead meat for quite some time.

So it'll be like another Allis-Chalmers site.  One of the biggest entities in its marketplace, a dominant player across the US and in the world..... to a site for a retail store.


Mr. Tastic said...

Very interesting story behind Quebecor. Didn't Krueger loan Quadracci his first $10k to start a printing shop?

Didn't that same money create an empire which essentially consumed his original lender - leading to their demise?

Dad29 said...

Basically, yes.

Krueger actually held 25% of QuadGraphics' stock.