Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Blackrobes v. "Burdensome" Prayer

Going to SCOTUS is a case from North Carolina.

US District judge's opinion?

"Take-all-comers policies that do not discourage sectarian prayer will inevitably favor the majoritarian faith in the community at the expense of religious minorities living therein. This effect creates real burdens on citizens – particularly those who attend meetings only sporadically – for they will have to listen to someone professing religious beliefs that they do not themselves hold."

The judge is nuts.  Frankly, the real burden in any civic meeting is listening to the various aldermen/school board members/county supervisors.  

As to being "burdened" by listening to a prayer?  

Puh-leez.  Get a life.


Amy said...

Notice how these Blackrobes never seem to give a crap about the burden of religious citizens who are increasingly shuffled out of the public sphere?

neomom said...

Those afraid of God cooties seem to have taken a special interest in North Carolina the last couple of years. There are several of these types of lawsuits swirling. They probably think enough NY, NJ liberals have infested the place to get away with it. Too bad they never leave the Triangle, cuz a good chunk of the rest of the state doesn't look kindly upon carpetbaggers telling them what they can do.

And yes, they still call them carpetbaggers. You have to be in state at least 10 years before the natives stop looking at you sideways. And sometimes not even then.

Dad29 said...

Just wear your "Northern Invader" t-shirt. The folks down South appreciate the wry humor.

neomom said...

Ha! :-)

I'm fortunate to have been pretty well accepted into the activist fold here. But the local politics are ruthless - they give you a "Bless your heart" as carve out your liver.