Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Herman: First Thing, Repair the Question!

Cain's having problems.  They may or may not be fatal. 

But they're all a result of Cain's reluctance to "repair the question"--phrased another way, "distinguo", in the language of Aquinas.

DISTINGUISH!  Break down the question into its components.  Respond to each part.  Don't let the MSM force you to answer two questions at once, (and within their framing.)  Dis-assemble it, re-frame it, and answer all the components one by one.

Another way to put it:  F(*& the MSM.  They're doing their damndest to get you out of the race.  We know it, and you ought to know it.  Smile, be polite, and slice them/dice them.

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Anonymous said...

Herb Cain knows pizza.

Buy more pizza!