Monday, October 24, 2011

Will MPS Strangle on Its Budget "Cuts"?

The nice accountant-lady over here suggests that MPS is a dinosaur so bloated than when it finally explodes, Detroit, Nashville, and Fargo will be covered with slime.

(Well, maybe those aren't her words, exactly.)

But don't take too seriously the WSJ chart she reprints.

What the WSJ (and the accountant-lady) don't tell you is that only the last two years listed on the chart are Obozo budgets.  Yes, they're horrible--but GWB was President when the FY09 budget was assembled, Congress re-wrote it (per combox entry from Steve.)  


steveegg said...

Point of order - Congress passed continuing resolutions until Teh SCOAMF occupied the Oval Office, then assembled the FY2009 budget according to his designs instead of GWB's right after they passed Porkulus.

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