Friday, October 21, 2011

The "Occupy" Bunch Goes Nutso

Not too surprising.

In NYC, the noise, smell, and defecations-on-people's-front-stoop are irritating nearby residents.

In Oakland, there's some sort of fetishist, just like in Philly. 

In Portland, there's a gun-brandisher who was irritated by the "N-word"--and knife-brandishers responded.

Seems that the peace-love-dopesmoking crowd is ......not all that.


Anonymous said...

Protest movements get messy. Whoop de do!

All crowds have their loose canons. Whoop de do!

Regardless, they are simply putting your credo into action!


Anonymous said...

Thieves target the weak and dumb. That guarantee's their success. If a group of progressives does not fit the bill then what does?


Anonymous said...

The more the right whines about OWS, the more relevant it becomes.