Friday, February 25, 2011

There Was Nothing More to Say

Bill Kramer, (the Clapper), bless his soul, just shut it down.

...Just minutes before the vote on passage, Kramer fielded a question from Democrats about how many lawmakers were waiting to speak and if they would all be allowed to make remarks. Kramer only said he could not guarantee that would happen, and pointed out that many of the comments were ones that had already been repeated several times. When the vote came, it happened so quickly that many lawmakers were not even on the floor at the time. Several Democrats and a handful of Republicans did not even get to cast a vote on the bill.

Last November, the Conservatives won and the LeftOWackies lost.

Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for advocating dictatorship.

TerryN said...

Anonymous obviously doesn't know what the meaning of the word dictatorship is.

Dad29 said...

What, were expecting intelligent comments?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's unfortunate, I graduated from a Catholic High School. I never learned the difference between democracy and dictatorship, I just shut my mouth and did what I was told. I could never think for myself.

I did learn one important thing, though. Sodomy is a mortal sin. As in a man advocating raping another man. As in a anony poster leaving such a message up on a blogpost for all to see.

I can only surmise that Dad29 opposes sodomy between gays, but if a blog writer he opposes is the target, then it's open season and acceptable.

That's ok, an extra 5 spot in the till on Sunday and you'll be in God's good graces again.

Dad29 said...

I could never think for myself.

You still can't.

But Capper cvan speak for himself, and I can police this site for myself.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

"Elections have consequences." - B. Hussein Obama

Anonymous said...

"I can police this site for myself."

That will cost you a C-Note this Sunday for not doing your job, Dad29.