Sunday, February 27, 2011

Actually, Nobody Really Backs WI Unions

Jacobson has the story.

Outside of Madison, there were no reports of sizable crowds. And if you read the news reports, almost all the protesters were other union members. Despite the efforts, the organizers failed to motivate significant numbers of non-union members to come out for protests.

The 50-state protest was a failure, plain and simple, although the images from Madison may create the false impression of massive nationwide protests.

And in Madistan, there were a LOT of bussed-in marchers.

Earlier this week, a "BIG DEMONSTRATION" was called for at UW-Stevens Point. According to the news story I saw, nobody---nobody---showed up except the lonely co-ordinator.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Unfortunately, every media outlet is focused on Madistan and no one is showing how thin the other protests are.

neomom said...

Considering that 30,000 of the folks affected by the collective bargaining piece are UW employees, its not exactly shocking that Madistan can rally the radical troops.

From some local accounts and pics, it appears that the Tea/Counter Protest was bigger than the union and commie astroturf. It was complete with a union folk crossing the lines to cause a ruckus.

Remember those video cameras people, and have a wing man with one too!

Side note, Van Jones spoke at the DC rally... He said the "nightmare of the last two years is over"... I think he meant us, not Obama. Oh Van, sweetie, we may have gone back to our jobs and to tend to our families for a bit, but we haven't gone away.

neomom said...

"My" local = Raleigh...

Anonymous said...

"According to the news story I say, nobody--nobody--showed up except the lonely co-ordinator".

Ummnnnhh...not quite.