Friday, February 18, 2011

National Security, PRChina, National Debt

The rubber is hitting the road, and the matter of national security is emerging.

The concern in certain influential Washington and Wall Street circles is that Beijing would leverage its position as the main enabler of U.S. overspending. And the cables provide a glimpse into how much politics inform relations between the world’s two largest economies. One cable cites Chinese money managers expressing concern that U.S. arms sales to Taiwan — a major, longstanding irritant in the relationship — could sour the Chinese public on Treasury purchases --CNBC quoted at Captain's Journal

Not only that, China more or less demands that its plan to buy over $1 Billion of Morgan Stanley shares get immediate Treasury Department approval (rather than wait the customary 2-week review period) and, magically, the approval is obtained the next day, without any formal application having been filed.

Some people are more equal than others.

Understand this: the Obozo-Deficit financing requirements are now, and will continue, to seriously limit the options of the US in national security matters. It's no longer just 'whether teachers get pensions.' It's not 'whether Granny gets her meds.'

It's whether this country can act in its own interests in the Far East--or can afford to buy the bullets for M-4's.

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