Monday, February 21, 2011

Green Bay Diocese News

Interesting, but not surprising at all.

Green Bay Bishop David Ricken has ordered Catholic parishes in the diocese to cut corporate ties to JOSHUA and other non-Catholic social justice organizations.

Ricken complimented the work being done by the Green Bay-based JOSHUA and the Appleton-based ESTHER, but he expressed concerns that, without Catholic oversight, the groups’ political positions could stray from Catholic teachings.

“An undesirable result of dual affiliations could be that a conflict could place our parishioners in a very difficult position of having to choose between their Catholic Church authority and another parallel organization,” Ricken said in a prepared statement. “Therefore, I am directing our parishes to withdraw their corporate membership in these organizations, effective July 1, 2011.”

They are both part of "WISDOM" which is State-wide.

A very well-informed and smart move.

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neomom said...

That must be the same WISDOM with all the progressive and commie roots.