Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liturgy's "Styles"

Jeffery demonstrates that skipping a lot of paragraphs can produce the results one wants.

While discussing an article by Fr. Ruff, OSB, Jeffery shows us that Fr. Ruff is being disingenuous:

Section 116 famously said that Gregorian chant is to have first place. But to get to section 123, you have to move past the section on music and here you discover that the sage statement about style concerns architecture and furnishings, not the core music of the Roman Rite

In fact:

...Gregorian chant is not a style. It is not music that is identified with a particular time or place or people. It is the foundational music of the ritual itself, the music that has lasted throughout the whole history of the rite. It can be substituted with another form but its status as the core, the model, the ideal, never changes.

Nice clarification!


Anonymous said...

While Scooter demonstrates that skipping common sense generally fails to produce the results one wants.

But as for the chanting, it IS a style of music.

Dad29 said...

You can call it whatever you want.

And be wrong--just like you are regarding economics and politics.