Sunday, February 27, 2011

Henninger the Prophet: January 2010

I was reminded of this post by (of all things) a reference to Capper, the professional Walker-hating Lefty. In the post is a link to an editorial by Henninger, which lede is this:

Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts will not endure unless Republicans clearly understand the meaning of "the machine" that he ran against and defeated.

Yes, it is about a general revulsion at government spending, what is sometimes called "the blob." But blobs are shapeless things, and in the days ahead we will see the Obama White House work hard to reshape the blob into a deficit hawk. Unless the facade is ripped away, the machine will survive.

Followed by this:

The central battle in our time is over political primacy. It is a competition between the public sector and the private sector over who defines the work and the institutions that make a nation thrive and grow.

He discusses the situation in Massachusetts:

But here's the [Democrat] party's self-destroying kicker: Feeding the public unions' wage demands starved other government responsibilities. It ruined our ability to have a useful debate about any other public functions.

Massachusetts' spending fell for mental health, the environment, housing and higher education. The physical infrastructure in blue states is literally falling apart. But look at those public wage and pension-related outlays. Ever upward.

Evidently Scott Walker keeps a bound set of Henninger editorials. Good thing he does!!

And to you Righties out there: Capper is good for something, eh?


Anonymous said...

Capper is also enjoying some self-inflicted, unpaid time off: /PRBAgendasNotices/Agendas/022211PRBMTG.pdf

Can't blame Scott Walker or anyone else. Well, perhaps all of us at CRG.

John Foust said...

Anonymous at CRG?

This shows an agenda for a hearing on a suspension. Did it take place? What was the decision?

Anonymous said...

John Foust, Dad29's ticked off because I had the audacity to call him out regarding a deranged anony who advocated rapping Capper. So, rather than doing the RIGHT THING AS A CHRISTIAN by publicly admonishing such behavior and deleting the messages, he chides me for being "juvenile" and letting him "police his own blog".

One could reasonably assume that Dad29 condones such action upon Capper with his "Capper is good for something, eh" inference.

Anonymous said...

Dad29--If these comments were directed toward your wife and daughters, what would you do???

For the love of God, if you have any decency, you will delete this comments, or otherwise appear to be complacent and therefore tacitly endorse sin.

What would your priest say???