Friday, February 18, 2011

First the Thug-chers. Now, the Violence

We mentioned yesterday that there's a lot of pushing-and-shoving (literally) going on in the Capitol, as reported by Wendy at Owen's place.

We also learn that Trumka, whose Mineworkers' Union has been linked to outright violence and murder, will be lecturing on "persuasion" "speaking" to the thug-chers tomorrow.

That's not all. The thug-chers, 500 or so, showed up outside Walker's residence in Tosa to intimidate his wife and children. And the Corner reports:

...Hopper [a Pubbie legislator] has received threatening phone calls and e-mails. These are threats of a physical nature. “We are working with law enforcement in my district. They are watching my home and my business.” Other Republicans have had their homes and businesses threatened, too. The unionists have demonstrated outside those homes and businesses.

...I ask whether he is going home tonight, to sleep. He says, “We’re not disclosing that. My colleagues and I are not talking about that. We’re working with law enforcement” on the matter.

I have advice for Mr. Hopper:



Anonymous said...

I personally like George Ures take on the whole Wisconsin problem:

What BOTH SIDES are failing to acknowledge is the true source of the problem. Which is what? (Repeat after me!) Crooked Money.

Wisconsin is a Crooked Money Showdown.

Amazingly, almost no one is presenting it in this like.

Fact: Since 1913, the purchasing power of American dollars has been watered down to where it only buys 4½ ¢ worth of goods. And you know where the rest has gone? DEBT. State DEBT, Federal DEBT, Consumer DEBT, Credit Card DEBT...and all of this in the process of stealing an entire generation's retirement and (look surprised here) People in Wisconsin just happen to be waking up to this and are seriously pissed.

Then comes the vagabond media (we're in sweeps right now, by the way) and they toss all kinds of invective on the simmering problem without calling out the SOB's who set up constantly watered down paper instead of hard money which would be convertible to gold, silver, or so many BTU's of energy - as being the underlying cause.

Instead, we're living in a country where the half-thinking media manages to make fun of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean hyperinflation yet can't see us starting up the same damnable hockey stick curve - which will bring with it? The same (inevitable outcome) here in the Good Old U.S. of A.

Fact: Interest compounds - but wages don't. Over time this causes Depressions. Get with this really so hard to figure?

Not just in Zimbabwe but here in the USA.

So people wrap themselves up emotionally in republicorp, democorp, or Tea Party togas and go marching into Rome, or one of it's modern-day outposts - Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, or Wisconsin...and they seem to think (thanks to media hype) that the crooks who set up watered-down money somehow aren't to blame.


Trillion-something of additional federal spending? No problem, as long as 'I get mine..." crap? Makes me sick.

Saint Revolution said...

It was never a secret that the union/government monster was being fed and it was a "crooked money" beast out of control.

Blogsters, radio and TV hosts, newspapermen, etc. all over the world uncover great corruption, graft, malfeasance, etc. through great stories, information, and facts.

There was never any shortage of knowledge of WHAT was causing the evil.

This is NOT news.

The problem always reared: WHAT'S REALLY BEING DONE ABOUT IT?!

Until now, little.

Enter Scott Walker.

Walker, as his name "monikers", is doing something about it...he "walks the talk"...he truly is a "walker".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dad29, for being just like Trumka and encouraging people to use their fists rather than their minds to make their points!

You're no better or no worse.

Dad29 said...

One does not use ammo with "fists."

Smoking the funny weed while out at the Capitol??

jimspice said...

I really wish you'd just get to the point and say what's really on your mind: "Shoot more teachers."

Dad29 said...


Reading the post and the comments, I note that YOU were the one who wrote that, Jim.

Repressed memories of the classroom?

John Foust said...

Dad29 refuses to explain the full details of his fantasies where he gets to use all that ammo. Is it some sort of civil insurrection you are dreaming of? Some movie where the Russkies invade Brookfield?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I'm sure I'll see you all in Madistan tomorrow. I imagine we will find out who the violent thugs really are. And it won't be my side.

Whaddayahave Lefties: Peaceful counterprotest? Lexington and Concord? Or Reichstag Fire. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

"I imagine we will find out who the violent thugs really are. And it won't be my side."

Classic case of projection here!

Dad29--Tap your army boots three times while saying, "I'm still a good Christian".

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Yes, of course. There have never been any documented violent attacks by lefties.

At the risk of being banned by Dad, you are a lying bastard.

Anonymous said...

Deekaman--Can we at least agree that there are attacks by both the left and the right during protests by a few people not necessarily representing the entire group that embraces racism, sexism, and violence?

Can we at least agree that both the left and the right exploit those incidents for their own personal gain?

Or, are you going to be obtuse?

By the way, thanks for the compliment:)