Thursday, February 17, 2011

Escalating Behavior Problems in Capitol

Wendy found a source.

Right around 11 this morning, they started swamping around the stairwells. Wouldn’t let anybody through. If you were wearing a suit, they would mob you and not let you move.

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Saint Revolution said...

Early in the AM (between ~0500aCST/~0600aCST) Friday 02.18.2011 WTMJ Channel 4 Milwaukee WI announced first (with other networks following) the closing of MPS because of these Madison union


Channel 4 had an "audio call-in" from RoseAnn St. Aubin, a "spokeswoman" for MPS.

RoseAnn St. Aubin steals $111,283.00 in pay as a "Program Coordinator" at MPS:

That's right...$111,283.00.

That's approximately $55.00/hour.

Working in a public sector job.

...and that does NOT include her benefits, her retirement, nor her retirement percentage.

This is NOT an executive role and, even if it was, these are TAXPAYER DOLLARS...HELLO.

St. Aubin stated to Ch.4 "talking heads" the number of teachers that had already called in "sick" Friday AM. When the "talking heads" asked St. Aubin what percentage this was of total working

teachers within MPS, St. Aubin griped that it was too early in the morning to do math. Eventually, one of the "talking heads" "did the ciphering".

St. Aubin then went on to comment that we should not be concentrating on the closing of MPS but we should be thinking of our familes, loved ones, and their welfare.

Aw...isn't that so "Walt Disney movie-ish". They should have broadcast the interview in "'50's black-and-white".

I assume St. Aubin's statement also includes students of forced truancy...most who are probably good kids who want to learn.

Those kids will learn all right...they'll learn the reality of the selfishness of those closest to them at MPS.

This is what is in our schools and teaching our kids.

A $112,000.00/year useless piece of shit who cannot do simple on-demand arithmetic in her head.

Gee, Johnny, why are you having so much trouble with the SATs?!

This has gone on way too long. These institutions are completely financially out of control.

I want my money back in my wallet.

I do NOT want to pay some round-faced overweight "spokeswoman" from MPS $112,000.00/year to hand me "candy-ass" lines and treat a grave situation like a 5th grader.

I want my money back in my wallet.

Anonymous said...

Who is this nut?