Sunday, February 20, 2011

Woopsie! That's Not What They Wanted!!

A big Thank You to WEAC and Obozo!

Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions ... or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions?


A full 64% of the respondents said "no."

(Clarus Group poll reported at Politico)

BTW, 42% of Democrats (!!!!!!!!) agreed with "no."

Keep up the good work, WEAC! And thanks!!

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capper said...

Not all of America votes in Wisconsin, and 65% of Wisconsinites say that Walker's tyranny bill is bad. And that was from a non-political source. Reality sucks for conservatives.

Dad29 said...

I'll quote Obozo:

"We won."

capper said...

And I'll paraphrase John Paul Jones: We ain't yet begun to fight.

neomom said...

Where is this non-political source of support of which you speak?

Dad29 said...

Well, Capper, we're all waiting.

Bring it on.

Amy said...

Where is this non-political source of support of which you speak?

His head. Or the orifice directly south. I'll let him pick.

Guess what, capper: when the president of the U.S. has to bus his union goons in for a protest, there's a problem.

WE won. I suggest you cry-baby liberals dieal with it.

Jim said...

You subscribed to that attitude in August of 2009 during the town hall meetings, too, right?

capper said...

Now, if you don't mind, I have to go back to working on correcting the mistake you made in November and once again cleaning up your stinking mess.

neomom said...

Those are non-political organizations? You're kidding right? From The Shop Consulting's web site...

The Shop Consulting's Senior Staff

Jim Smith
Tyson Purcell
Ginny Jenkins
Jay Moran
Krista Balgeman

Jim Smith
Public Relations

Joining The Shop in December 2008. Jim Smith, has been active in Wisconsin politics and elections since 1986. Since 2004 he has worked for the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (ADCC), serving as Executive Director during the 2006 and 2008 election cycles. Jim is widely credited with helping the Assembly Democrats win 13 seats since 2006 and returning Democrats to the majority for the first time since 1994.

In 1990, Jim ran the first campaign for Senator Russ Decker, defeating a 24 year Republican incumbent in a race that few thought could be won. Jim served on Decker’s Capitol staff from 1991-1999 working on transportation, higher education, and natural resource issues as well as serving as a staff member to the Joint Finance Committee.

A 1987 graduate of UW-River Falls, Jim worked for three years at the United Council of UW Student Governments as the Legislative Director and President.


The Shop Consulting is the perfect partner for those involved and interested in helping advance the goal of a future powered by reliable, clean and renewable energy.

And Building A Stronger Wisconsin is also uber liberal/progressive.

(buzzer) Try Again.

Dad29 said...

Well, NeoMom, if it's not an openly CPUSA bunch, they're 'neutral' by Capper's standards.

And Capper--WE'RE cleaning up the mess (and stink) left by your pals all over the Capitol lawn and inside the building.

Of course, we have to do that with tax dollars; another chunk of current-year deficit.

Dad29 said...

Actually, Capper, SIXTY-SIX percent of respondents agree that union members are vastly over-benefitted.

The 36% D/33% R/22% I numbers are also interesting.

capper said...

For crying out loud. An audit showed that there would be over $100M surplus until Walker came in and gave all that money and tax breaks to his campaign donors. You can have your opinions, but you can't have your own facts.

neomom said...

Are you talking about the memo that left out the $200M plus interest owed back to the malpractice fund and also left out the $65M owed to Minnesota?

oops... That isn't a surplus, is it...

It also doesn't plug the structural deficit.

But whatever, unicorn poop will keep paying for all that government spending. Or is it just other people's money.

Amy said...

For crying out loud. An audit showed that there would be over $100M surplus until Walker came in and gave all that money and tax breaks to his campaign donors.

By "donors" you mean business. The same ones you're wetting your pants over while demanding they pay you more.

YOUR UNIONS MADE THIS MESS. YOUR GOVERNOR, JIM DOYLE, made this mess. Because YOU GUYS think business and the taxpayer are your own personal piggy bank.

The gravy train is over. It sucks, but deal with it. This wasn't a secret. Walker openly campaigned on making tough budget cuts to get our fiscal house in order. The PEOPLE still voted for him because we couldn't be convinced that Barrett wouldn't be a 3rd term for Doyle.

But keep fighting. Most of the nation thinks the anti-Walker folks are fools. All this is doing is making Walker as popular as the other rising-star Republicans on the national map. I look forward to him securing a 2nd term before 2012...

neomom said...

So Dad - what's with the creepy stalker dude?

Dad29 said...

Yah, it's a bit too much for me, too.