Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruh-Roh: Egyptian Rebellion, Stage Two (Muslimist)

Legal Insurrection reports the news that the MSM doesn't.

...over a million Egyptians turned out in Tahrir Square last Friday to cheer the vile anti-Semitic Sunni cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who had been exiled by Mubarek, and who espouses the fundamentalist Islamic view that Jews must live as Dhimmis under Islamic control. Instead of accurately reporting the significance of this event, The New York Times whitewashed the cleric as someone who supports a "a pluralistic, multiparty, civil democracy."

You remember the Google exec who went over there to help?

He wasn't allowed on the stage to speak at the rally.

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GOR said...

Michael Coren ("Coren's Comment" blog) tells it like it is:

"The Muslim Brotherhood has renounced violence and, we are told by the usual liberal media experts, is devoted to peace, love, hugging and the music of the Californian 1960s folk movement. That they murdered the Egyptian PM in the 40s, the President in the 80s, led a violent revolt in Syria, formed Hamas in Palestine and the Islamic Action Front in Jordan, and have called for an Islamic State throughout not only the Middle East but the entire world, where Christians and Jews (those allowed to live) would pay a head tax, in beside the point. Their crest proves that they are full of peace – look at the pretty colours."

Sorry, couldn't copy the crest. But it features two prominent swords...