Thursday, February 24, 2011

Number 4 in Tax Burden. Still Think WEAC Will Win This?

Movin' on up!

...because Wisconsinites pay 11.0% of their incomes in state- and local-level taxes, we had the fourth-worst tax burden in the nation as of last year. ...By contrast, the average American paid 9.8% of his or her income in state- and local-level taxes in 2009, a drop of 1.2% from the 9.9% of income paid in 2008.

Not exactly a surprise, and that doesn't count the $$$BaZillion in tax increases jammed through in ....what.....3 hours of Leggie Time by The Doylet last year.

This certainly helps WEAC and AFSCME, doesn't it?



Hey: if they win, we COULD be NUMBER ONE!!

HT: Steve

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steveegg said...

Don't forget to take a look at what we pay just the entities in Wisconsin. The 8.5% we pay in in-state taxes is still fourth-worst, and a lot closer to #2 New Jersey (where they pay 8.7% of their incomes in taxes to New Jersey and its locales) than the combined in-state/out-of-state taxes. After all, we don't travel and work as much out-of-state as those living in Connecticut and New Jersey.