Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Union Leaders (and Obama) MUST Win in Wisconsin

John Fund summarized the dispute neatly without too much detail.

The line which caught my attention:

..."Ending dues deductions breaks the political cycle in which government collects dues, gives them to the unions, who then use the dues to back their favorite candidates and also lobby for bigger government and more pay and benefits," Mr. Siegel told me. After New York City's Transport Workers Union lost the right to automatic dues collection in 2007 following an illegal strike, its income fell by more than 35% as many members stopped ponying up....

That number could have grown quite a bit more, except that NYC re-instated the automatic collection process in 18 months.

What if union-dues collections drop?

That dues income supports only two entites: union leadership and the Democrat machine. All the rest is dross.

Yes, there are other changes in Walker's proposal, which will abrogate some current practices in bargaining.

But what the union folks don't want to tell you is this: those practices (not "rights") were granted ex nihilo in 1959 (in this State). They are not 'natural' rights, like life and liberty. They are State-created.

What the State creates the State can take away.

Or, in the words of President Obama: "We won."

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Paul - Berry Laker said...


Walker and the people of Wisconsin cannot lose this battle. Into the lions cave we go.