Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Public Employee Unions Losing the Battle

Well, well.

Zogby queried likely voters:

Two-thirds of likely voters agree that state legislatures have the authority to cut state employee salaries and 52% agree they can void collective bargaining agreements to reduce spending.

Voiding collective bargaining agreements is also seen as preferable to continuing to pay state employees at current levels or layoffs of state workers in order to reduce spending and control deficits.

The key is "likely voters." There are other polls--but the money is in 'likely voters,' not disaffected students or no-permanent-address types.

SEVENTY ONE PERCENT of Independents agreed that Legislatures have the authority to cut State salaries/wages to reduce spending. 67% of all polled also agreed.

Remember that Independents control election results, not (D) or (R) types.

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