Friday, February 25, 2011

The Shutdown: Who's Who

RedState tells is like it really is.

Again, the White House and Democrats are desperate for a shutdown so Barack Obama can, like Bill Clinton in the MythTM, be transcendent and leader looking.

Reid has his instructions: refuse the spending-reductions in the House CR, and make Obama a Hero!! Obama needs it. He muffed Egypt and Libya. He muffed Cap-n-Trade. He shredded himself with ObamaCare. His approval is LESS than 50% in 38 States (of the 57) and that's "all adults" not "likely voters."

The White House hallways reek of desperation.

Oh, by the way, remember what happened last time when the rubber hit the road?

[The GOP got] a balanced budget and welfare reform by forcing a shutdown and gaining seats in the Senate while holding their own in the House

It's about time that a few good men on the (R) side of the aisle imitate Scott Walker.

Estote viri.

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