Friday, February 18, 2011

What Walker Did NOT Do...

Esenberg notes that some things are missing.

I hadn't appreciated that Scott Walker has proposed a totalitarian state or anything like it. I did hear that he wants public employees to pay amounts toward their retirement and health insurance that are higher than current levels but still much lower than the average for the rest of us. I guess I missed the part where people were going to be dragged from their homes and sent to concentration camps. I read that he has proposed a modification of the authority of state and local governments to enter into collective bargaining agreements and collect dues on behalf of unions, but must have overlooked the abolition of the rights of free speech and association. I saw that he wants voter approval of raises above the cost of living for unionized public employees (i.e., those represented by the unions that he hasn't abolished). But who knew that this was somehow the equivalent of forced sterilization and extermination camps?

I hadn't noticed that the budget adjustment bill sets up a WalkerJugend in which all children must be enrolled or that it establishes a paramilitary organization - maybe called the Leibstandarte SS- Rebecca Kleedfisch - to intimidate political opponents and "undesirables." I'll have to read it again.

In fact, any broken windows will have been broken by the Statist mobs--the true descendants of Hitler and Stalin--now assembling in Madison.


Jim said...

What Walker did do:

"In fact, [the state's Fiscal Bureau says] that the current budget shortfall is a direct result of tax cut policies Walker enacted in his first days in office."

"In its Jan. 31 memo to legislators on the condition of the state's budget, the Fiscal Bureau determined that the state will end the year with a balance of $121.4 million."

In other words, the "budget crisis" is phony.

Dad29 said...


And the $4.5Bn NEXT deficit?

Anonymous said...

"In fact, any broken windows will have been broken by the Statist mobs--the true descendants of Hitler and Stalin--now assembling in Madison."

Equating teachers, nurses, and social workers to tyrants? That's a good one, Dad29. Pathetically deranged, that is.

With that statement, you just rendered Eisenberg's whole point moot. No, you wouldn't imply that these American citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights are actually a danger to our country. No, not with church on Sunday!

Jim said...

I don't know about the NEXT deficit. And I don't have any problems with the government negotiating concessions from state employees. And I don't have any problem with government employees contributing more towards their health care and pensions.

But the key word is negotiating. If you are ginning up a fake crisis and then proposing to strip away all collective bargaining rights, you are union busting.

Dad29 said...

The State gaveth, the State taketh away, Jim.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

When are you liberals going to stop puking out talking points even after they have been proven a lie?

Stick that in your "no budget crises"

Anonymous said...

I left that last comment. Also, has anyone bothered to ask the East Madison high school if the teachers who escorted students to the protest during school hours were in possession of signed permission slips?


Dad29 said...

Equating teachers, nurses, and social workers to tyrants?

Actions, my dear man.

If they do what the tyrants do, they are what the tyrants are.

But maybe logic 101 wasn't in your curriculum.

Dad29 said...

t these American citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights

Breaking windows and trashing the Capitol is a "right"?

You're reading the wrong Constitution. (No surprise to me.)

J. Strupp said...


I actually agree with you on this issue for the most part. But as soon as you start the nazi bullshit, it just turns rational people off completely and you just end up making the irrational people escalate the insults towards you. Come on man.

Anonymous said...

Scooter's brand of socialism makes O'bama look like a piker.

John Foust said...

Logic 101 draws a straight line from Hitler and Stalin to the people demonstrating throughout Wisconsin? Wow, follow the logic. And yet you reference Esenberg's "don't compare anyone to Hitler" post!

Dad29 said...

as soon as you start the nazi bullshit

Maybe you're too young to remember, or didn't read the history.

Astro-turfed crowds who roughed up people and broke things WERE Nazi and Bolshie tactics, Struppster.

That happens to be exactly what's going on here. Obama's political organization is pulling the strings. They are roughing up Legislative aides in the building and stuff is broken (no matter what the "press" reports, or not.)

neomom said...

I was seeing an awful lot of "uncivil" pictures of Scott Walker as Hitler signs in pics of the Capitol.

So who was invoking Godwin's Law exactly?

btw - There is a very large contingent of "Right-to-Work" NC that supports Scott Walker!

Anonymous said...

Me--Equating teachers, nurses, and social workers to tyrants?

Dad29--Actions, my dear man.

Interesting how one is to quick to label (or infer that) these groups as "destroyers of democracy" while honoring Tea Partier efforts as "defenders of democracy when BOTH groups have extremists that make it appear they are the "face" of the movement. So get off your high horse.


Do these videos represent ALL Tea Partiers? NO!

Does this video represent ALL liberals? NO!

Jim said...

Your JSOnline article does not disprove that the "budget crisis" wasn't manufactured.

There was a projected surplus, Walker and legislature passed tax cuts without offsetting revenue losses. Now according to JSOnline, some bills may not be paid.

The last budget started with a $3B shortfall and it was solved with cost cutting and concessions. This can be done again.

However, Walker manufactured the crisis so that he could justify a "budget repair bill" as a pretense for breaking the unions.

If this is not about breaking the unions, then Walker can accept offered concessions from the unions and scrap all the union-busting crap.

Anonymous said...

Maybe St. Revo is Dad29 incognito!

"Breaking windows and trashing the Capitol is a "right"?"

You made that statement, I said no such thing! Try again.

Dad29 said...

As usual, Jim, you're wrong on the facts: it was spending that blew the budget, not 'tax cuts'--which do NOT take effect now, anyway.

But let's go to your main point: it's union-busting.

Yes. So what?

The State foolishly allowed unionization of its workers in 1971.

Now we'll fix that mistake.

State giveth, State taketh away. Too damn bad.

Anonymous said...

The last budget was "balanced" by using one time stimulus money, illegally raiding trusts and borrowing. Just read the LFB report. It is very clear on the mess we are in. This crisis was manufactured by illegal idiotic fiscal policies. But those occured before January. The tax cuts have nothing to do with the 170 million shortfall this year since they have not even taken effect yet.

I know it is easier to regurgitate the lies spoon fed to you by the incompetent union thugs but for the love of God man, read the LFB report. You might actually realize the extent of the damage that has to be fixed.


neomom said...

Even lefty Politifact is calling "False" on the there was a surplus and Walker caused the budget crisis BS...

neomom said...

The emergency is nullifying Wisconsin Act 28 from 2009 before the next budget cycle. You know, the Act that expanded collective bargaining rights and eliminated the QEO.