Monday, February 21, 2011

How to End an Interview

Great story.

In the years previous to running MCSNet I had the opportunity to interview with a recruiter for a Fortune 50 company based in the Chicago suburbs. The recruiter informed me of the firm's policy, allegedly due to government mandate in that they supplied a LOT of government hardware, to perform drug testing of all applicants. I pointed out that (1) the law did not actually require this as the mandate was for a drug-free workplace; the only actual legal mandate for drug testing was in CFRs for truck and airplane operators and similar employees; I was not applying for such a position and (2) I would be happy to provide the urine sample requested if the recruiter was willing to collect it in his mouth.

The interview was, of course, terminated.

Evidently the recruiter was one of them new-fangled wussy "HR Specialists."

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