Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speaking of Stupid Remarks...

If you think McChrystal was dumb for allowing his remarks to be published, you're right (unless he REALLY wanted to get fired.)

But McC's hardly the only one to make stupid remarks. Check out Ken Black's utterly inane mouth-running!

...The complaint filed with the state Department of Workforce Development’s Equal Right Division last week says the DVA’s new leader, Ken Black, an African American, has demoted or fired six white men older than 50 since taking over for John Scocos, who was fired in November.

The former employee making the complaint, 56-year-old Randy Nitschke, accuses Black of saying in a DVA meeting that “there is too many older white males waiting to retire.” Black had first demoted Nitschke from a position overseeing the state’s nursing homes for veterans.

Nitschke was subsequently fired from the department.

Ken Black just cost the State taxpayers several million dollars.

Another Doyle legacy.

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Billiam said...

You're not suggesting that mr. Black is... gulp... racist, are you? I mean, only conservative white males are racist, right?