Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Is Widely Despised in Military

Gee. I'm shocked. Here's Contessa Brewer interviewing Col. (Retired) Jack Jacobs.

BREWER: But is his view not only about the President but about Joe Biden, about Jim Jones, the National Security advisor, about Karl Eikenberry [US ambassador to Afghanistan], on and on down the list: Richard Holbrooke --

JACOBS: Those views are very widely held, by the way, inside the military and outside the military, about those people. That they're ineffective, that Jim Jones, the National Security Advisor, does not have an impact on national security policy, that he has very little access. That Holbrooke hasn't done anything and so on. Those views are widely held. They're not just held by McChrystal's staff for example.

The foreign and military policy of Obama is derived from Jiminy Cricket:

When You Wish Upon a Star...........

HT: NewsBusters


Dave said...

They're surprised by this? The left disdain of our military is obvious; yet our troops are supposed to shut up and appear for photo ops?

J. Strupp said...

Eh it works both ways. Our military brass has disdain for liberal administrations too. Democrats always take the axe to there new toys and they don't like that. This isn't news.

The current administration is simply allowing for the continuation of foreign policy blunders created by the previous administration (and supporting them both financially and politically). These guys shouldn't be bitching too much. They're still getting everything they want and need in order to fight wars we shouldn't be wasting our time fighting (minus a couple of new toys like the F-22).

Amy said...

By "new toys" I'm assuming you mean stuff that will keep them, and us safe.

Amy said...

And, by default, my loyalties lie with the people who are willing to traverse the most hostile terrains on earth and risk life and limb so I can be free.

Not the people who think tyranny is awesome. You know, the Democrats.

J. Strupp said...

Yeah sure that's what I mean.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

@Amy: did I mention that you "rock the house"?

Bring it. We are winning. Big.