Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missile-Killer Missile Works--Again

Natch, destroying this program will be high on Bammy's list.

In early 2000, Lockheed engineers went back to the drawing board, worked out the bugs, and were back launching the hyper-accurate interceptor by 2005. There hasn't been a test failure since (just yesterday there was another successful intercept), a record sturdy enough for the Army to stand up two batteries of the critical system in the past two years. The launchers were designed explicitly to intercept SCUD type missiles, and are also capable of killing an ICBM payload when it's in the terminal phase of flight. Given the widespread proliferation of ballistic missiles, the need for such a weapon is pressing. --quoted at AOSHQ

And sure enough, there's a treaty out there which could shut this down.

The Obama administration on Monday unveiled a space policy that renounces the unilateral stance of the Bush administration and instead emphasizes international cooperation, including the possibility of an arms control treaty that would limit the development of space weapons. --NYT via AOSHQ

Bammy may want to shut it down, and he may try. But funding originates in the House of Representatives, not the Oval Office.

If Bammy shuts of missile defense, the House should simply shut down the rest of the Government.

It won't be a big loss.

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