Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Obama Goal: Bankrupt This Country

Limbaugh says Obama's goal is 'chaos.' Chris Horner thinks that Obama's goal is national bankruptcy.

Chaos is more easily achieved through executive orders and regulations. BK could take a bit longer--but maybe not.

It is by now, for anyone who has followed the unfolding scandal, level ground that Obama's express model for his (continued) vow to centrally plan a "green economy" is bankrupting the country he hailed eight times for its vision, Spain. And Spain has acknowledged it.

Then there are the other elements of what he has in plan for you, as detailed in Power Grab: he is not anti-offshore drilling, he is anti-domestic energy production. Immediately upon entering office he sealed off millions of acres from domestic energy production in a breathtaking, well, power grab, even cancelling leases already entered.

A mere District Court opinion will not stay Obama and his stooges from their course; Salazar has promised another moratorium, this time with "scientific" evidence. And he'll be able to get that, of course. SOMEONE out there needs a grant or a Federal favor, and he'll find them.

Obama's green policies will steal your freedom and bankrupt America. Ask the poor folks in the Gulf suffering under his crisis-capitalization, after speaking to the folks who have had leases pulled out from under them in Utah, and elsewhere feeling his War on the West. Those are places where he's just getting started.

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