Thursday, June 24, 2010

Open Mouth, Lose Taxpayer Dollars

Seems that our Public Officials have real problems with blatant discriminatory practices. And the Public Officials in question are appointees of---you guessed it--- (D) party folks.

Barrett and Doyle. Champions of Equal Opportunity.


The state Equal Rights Division has found probable cause to believe Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker discriminated against a former computer systems manager because of his age.

In November, the Health Department eliminated the job of network administrator John Tranetzki, 63, and reassigned his duties to a younger worker, the state agency said in its ruling. Tranetzki had previously been disciplined for performance issues.

City officials contended they cut the job to save money. But at a budget hearing five weeks before Tranetzki's dismissal, Baker told a Common Council committee that he wished he could replace Tranetzki with 10 15-year-olds, the ruling noted.

That "15-year-old" utterance is just as moronic as the 'too many old white men' remark from a State of Wisconsin manager.

But there is one similarity: taxpayers will pay for those remarks. How many $millions is yet to be determined.

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