Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gay-Friendly Cdl. Mahony Has a Problem

Several hundred million dollars in payouts, so far.

And a Federal criminal investigation/grand jury is rumored to be in action here.

It is NOT a coincidence.

Cardinal Mahony, a celebrity among activists who seek to overturn Catholic Church teaching on homosexuality, is known for breaking with Catholic Church hierarchy to support the homosexualist cause. His "gay-friendly" views have clashed in the past with the Vatican on a matter touching the heart of the sex-abuse scandal.

In 2005 the L.A. archdiocese dismissed a Vatican directive barring homosexual men from the priesthood. That Vatican directive was widely interpreted as a direct response to the sex-abuse crisis, and was backed up by a study commissioned by the U.S. bishops' conference that found that 80-90% of clerical sex abuse was perpetrated against adolescent males (ephebophilia), not prepubescent boys (pedophilia).

Regardless, the Vatican directive barring homosexuals from Ordination still stands.

Mahony? Still standing, but not for long.


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