Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making the Case for Dumping Incumbent Republicans

Ironically, it is Steny Hoyer (D-Tax & Spend) who makes the case to dump damn near every Republican in Congress.

The obvious exception: Paul Ryan.

"Why am I so sure that a spending-and-revenue compromise is the only plan that has a chance of succeeding? Because a [reduction in] spending-only plan has been on the table for more than two years. It's Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's Roadmap, and it was originally introduced in May of 2008. Even though I strongly oppose its severe Medicare cuts for seniors, I've praised Congressman Ryan for being the only one in his party to offer a solution equal to the problem. But what have we heard from his own party? Crickets. For two years. The Republican Party has run away from Paul Ryan's plan, even though you'd expect it to rush to embrace a proposal based on spending cuts. As the Cato Institute's Michael Tanner observed last month, ‘The Ryan Roadmap is a test, and right now the Republican Party is failing it.'

While I recognize that anecdotes are not data, I remind you that more than a few friends and business associates (of the conservative, but not "radical" persuasion) have voiced the opinion that dumping ALL Congresscritters and Senators is their preferred option.

Now you know why.


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neomom said...

Our local R CongressCritter candidate carried the Ryan Roadmap around with him whilst campaigning in the primary.

We are doing our damndest to send him to DC to help Paul out with this one!