Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sowell: Do We Still Have a Constitutional Republic?

Patrick is right. Read the column.


Al said...

Scary, but true!

Anonymous said...

BP could have said NO. BP CHOSE to pay. Some call it a demand, others call it a request. Free will!

But go ahead, tell it to the people down in the Gulf who are financially suffering that BP should have not been pressured to contribute, or "allowed" to determine for itself what ought to be the "fair" level of compensation for their monumental blunders.

Because we all know damn well there was no action taken by Obama, then he would be labeled "weak" on this matter.

Dad29 said...

Perhaps he would be subject to that criticism. Too bad. He wanted the job--I think you call that 'free will.'

BP 'volunteered' just like some of the BigBanks 'volunteered' to take TARP money.

That was Paulson/Bush (I'm willing to criticize them, too).