Saturday, June 26, 2010

Buried at the Bottom: All Safety Items WERE Repaired at O'Donnell

Oh, I dunno. 40 or 50 grafs? Who counts?

All you need to do is go to the very last 5 or so grafs to find the important information.

Walker also released a report showing that nearly all flaws identified by inspectors in the O'Donnell Park parking ramp in 2009 had been corrected. An earlier report listed $600,000 of repairs the ramp needed.

All items listed as critical, potentially critical or necessary - the three highest priority problem categories - have been repaired, Walker said in an interview. Those include repairing the ramp's sprinkler system, patching cracks in the ramp's superstructure and repairing expansion joints, according to an updated report done Friday by county Parks Director Sue Black.

None of those problems related to the concrete facade slabs that decorate the sides of the ramp, Walker said.

SlumLord Holloway calls for a "safety review" of all County properties. Maybe he should do them himself. He ought to know about property-safety-reviews, given his extensive up-close-and-personal knowledge of buildings in disrepair.

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