Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama and Orwell

No, Teh Won is not finished with Regime-Building.

...If you have “freedom of religion,” you can bring up your children in your faith, hold public processions, and print books. If you have only “freedom of worship” you can pray quietly in your home, as long as it remains out of public sight.

“Freedom of religion” means you can stand on a street corner and proselytize everything from Catholicism to Mormonism to the cult of the sun god Ra. “Freedom of worship” means you can be executed for public conversion away from Islam. Worship is part of religion, but it is one of the least public parts—and thus one of the least involved in actual freedom.

Bottum goes on to point out that Teh Won has used "freedom of worship", not "freedom of religion" several times in the past few months. He was using his TelePrompter.

Words matter, as Orwell was happy to note.

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neomom said...

Like I said earlier... Judicial Appointments.. And vote accordingly.

The 2nd Amendment won today, I'd like them to have to weigh in on the rest of the Bill of Rights before Dear Leader gets another Supremes nominee.