Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hide 'n' Seek on Kagan Material

Sometimes you wonder.

Is the Gummint entirely filled with incompetents? That's germane when you remember Obamacare.

Or is the Gummint entirely filled with duplicitous lying scumbags, which is germane no matter what.

Maybe both? Ugh.

The office of Solicitor General Elena Kagan has delayed responding to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted by CNSNews.com that seeks records that might shed light on whether Kagan would need to recuse herself from certain cases if she is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

...In a letter delivered to CNSNews.com via email on Friday afternoon, Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) Executive Officer Valerie H. Hall gave two reasons for the OSG delaying its response to CNSNews.com’s FOIA request. The first was that the OSG did not understand what was meant in the FOIA request by the term “the administration’s health-care reform plan.” The second was that it did not understand whether the term “any particular case” in the FOIA request actually meant “any particular case” or only referred to cases focusing on health care.

Incompetent boob? Or just another snake-liar?

What CNS is after is Kagan materials on ObamaCare because under 28 USC Section 455, she would have to recuse herself from deliberations/decisions should a suit over ObamaCare come to SCOTUS.

That is, assuming that the rule of law remains in force by then.


Billiam said...

From what I've heard via some news reports, there are some 16,000 pages that Senators won't see. She'll do the usual song and dance, and then get confirmed. The Republican weasels haven't the spine to do to her what the Democrats did to Bork. We'll all suffer for this enemy of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Um, if you watched the confirmation hearings this morning, she addressed this issue about recusal and laid out specific instances in which she would not hear certain cases.

Kagan, an enemy of liberty? Thanks for the laugh!

TerryN said...

She refused to answer Sen Kohl on which direction she would lean (Right or left) once on the bench.

She's already confirmed he distaste for liberty.

neomom said...

I vote incompetent, duplicitous, lying, scumbags.

Billiam said...

Anon, and you believed her? What a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Billiam--Didn't say I believed her, I just pointed out what she said.

TerryN--That's been the norm for 30 years! No surprise ever since SCOTUS nominees have become politicized.