Friday, June 25, 2010

Doctor Zero's Grand Slam

This guy is on FIRE.

And he's right, too.

There are two Republican parties, and both had a candidate on the 2008 presidential ticket. John McCain was the candidate of the thin-blooded aristocracy, tired men who dislike certain elements of their nominal constituency far more intensely than their political opposition. They have no strenuous objection to the premises of the Left,

(He was tactful enough not to mention GWBush or his Globaloney Daddy...)

The other Republican party is young and vital. On the 2008 ticket, its banner was carried by Sarah Palin. It’s the yeoman wing of the party, composed of people with middle-class backgrounds and real-world business experience. These people are appalled at the bloated mess in Washington,

(I would have added "fetid" after "bloated," but it's cleaner his way.)

The American people should no longer settle for representatives whose resumes contain nothing but political accomplishments – as if those are somehow worth a damn compared to private-sector experience.

Plenty more at the link.

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neomom said...

Doc Zero is awesome