Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neumann's Good Idea

Neumann poked the hornet's nest with this one, but he's right. The reaction will be fun to watch.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann is proposing to get rid of state certification for teachers as part of an education reform plan.

...In a phone interview, he said the state should provide suggested qualifications for educators, but actual hiring decisions should be left up to local school boards, superintendents and principals.

"Certification" is tantamount to restraint-of-trade, but with lipstick.

By the way, "actual hiring decisions" should include "and firing." No reason that a principal cannot get rid of deadwood or bozos--"certified" or not.


TerryN said...

I listened to Neuman speak yesterday and he brought this up. No reaction from the group including Matt Gibson.

Jay Bullock said...

He's going to run into NCLB on that one.

Dad29 said...

I think we'd all be very happy to have NCLB repealed.

And that's on the "to-do" list.