Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Next Big Vote-Frauds

ACORN may have disbanded* but the usual termites and vermin will have places to go in November.

One such spot: the State of Washington.

Incumbent Democrat Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi remain tied in Washington’s U.S. Senate race

Another will be North Carolina.

Longtime Secretary of State Elaine Marshall appears to have received a bounce in support following her Democratic Primary runoff victory Tuesday and is now even with incumbent Republican Richard Burr in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race

And they will be infesting Wisconsin, where the races are always close.

*We know that they didn't disband. They just changed their name(s).

HT: Examiner


Jim said...

The only thing you have on "ACORN" is that some of their former employees have been prosecuted for illegal registration of voters. There is no proof anywhere that "Mickey Mouse" ever voted in any election.

TerryN said...

Any proof is well hidden in Wisconsin by design and ineptness.

Voter ID would remove all doubt. And with the proper ID Mickey Mouse could vote without having to worry about his vote being thrown out.

neomom said...

Burr isn't very flashy and has a pretty low profile. He voted for TARP but is doing the mea culpa's now. He's been doing pretty good stuff with Healthcare. The lefties have tried to portray him as eeeevvvvilll because his wife withdrew $500 from an ATM when the financial crisis hit.

The GOP in NC has a lot of heavy lifting to do. The Dems have had 1-party control except for a few years in the 90's since reconstruction. (These people could give lessons to Doyle on corruption.) So you have this "I'm a Democrat because my Daddy is a Democrat and my Grand-Daddy was a Democrat" thing going on.

Internal state polls show that a large minority of people actually think that Republicans are in charge. But as with everyplace else, the dinosaur print and TV media are unsympathetic to actually getting the truth out there. Then add in that there is a huge portion of the state that is very rural and has no broadband access, so it is difficult to combat it with the new media.

We are also expecting the DSCC to pump in a gazillion dollars to buy off Elaine Marshall like they did Kay Hagan in 2008 - who is now NY's 3rd Senator.

But we remain optimistic on enthusiasm. They won't have the Obamabots this year and turnout for the Republican primaries has been on par with the Democrats even though Democrats outnumber Republicans by a pretty good clip on registrations. The key will be the independents - and we have several pretty good Tea Party groups across the state to help.