Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Kagan an Interplanetary Traveler?

This is obviously a creature who fits right into Teh Won's circle-jerk.

While serving as Dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan’s administration demanded and forced Blue-Cross, Blue-Shield to cover sex-change operations as an “equal right” paid benefit,

...Kagan also offered sympathetic ear to lesbian group Lambda’s Transgender Task Force demand to force all women to share public bathrooms and locker-rooms with cross-dressing men, which is now part of Harvard’s dormitory policy,...

Not qualified. Not even from this planet.

HT: Weasel


Anonymous said...

Just because she made policy at Harvard does NOT necessarily mean she will insist on such steps if there is a SCOTUS case on similar matters.

Some people who are religious are offended, some are not. Some people who are non-religious are offended, some are not. WHO FREAKING CARES!

Jim said...

I note that you link to a site titled "scouring the bowels of the internet."

How appropriate. I read the page and its so-called "original proof sources" and they are nothing of the sort. It is the usual bs innuendos with no actual supporting legitimate sources. Paraphrasing, "Kagan attended a Harvard Law school GLBT Alumni reunion. Did she attend as dean or is she queer." Well THERE'S your proof.

What BS!