Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do Cops Discriminate? You'll Pay $10 Million to Find Out

Since Democrat appointees blatantly discriminate against old white men, it's obvious (right?) that EVERYBODY discriminates against minorities.

Got it?

Well, you'll also get a $10 million tax bill just to prove it!

Police officers in Wisconsin starting Jan. 1 will note the race of every driver they stop in an effort to fight possible racial profiling, under a plan a legislative panel approved Wednesday.

Lawmakers adopted the plan a year ago as part of the state budget, but it needed $807,600 in funding for the next year to be approved by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee.

The committee Wednesday voted 12-4 to do that, with Republicans voting against it in part because the plan could cost local police agencies as much as $10 million for new equipment.

Have a nice day!

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Amy said...

Why is the question never: who commits the crimes?

What are we supposed to do say, Sure, you robbed the store, but since it's discriminatory to arrest you, we'll let you off on this one?