Friday, June 25, 2010

Porkulus Slop Is Plenty for UC Benefit Extension

Senate Republicans are very happy to extend UC benefits where necessary. Will Feingold?

It's a simple plan:

Republicans put forward an alternative bill that would extend unemployment benefits and pay for them with unused funds from the $787 billion stimulus.

Question for "Mr. Tightwad" Feingold:

Do you support the Republican plan, Rusty? Or are you a hypocritical big-spender/BK-for-America kinda Democrat?

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J. Strupp said...

Unbelievable. In other words, cut spending into the teeth of 10%+ unemployment. Sorry jobless Americans. We can't cut you a check because we're afraid it's gonna cost Uncle Sam 3.14% in interest over 10 years to help you out for a little while longer. Get a job you losers.

Just close up shop on the GOP. Do it immediately. They provide no apparent value to society at this point in time.

Your boy Ryan will be fine on his own Dadster.

Dad29 said...

Did you actually READ the item, or just go into a Keynesian Fit?

Porky hasn't spent all its money; use what's there to support the UN-employed, not the State/Local apparatchik.

Try reading for meaning, Struppster.

J. Strupp said...

Did you do the math Dadster? If you use the stimulus leftovers for unemployment extensions, then you don't have the leftovers for spending so there's no net gain in new spending. In other words, the GOP is trying to extend insurance without having to spend anymore money right?

Hence the line about screwing the unemployed because they don't want to borrow anymore at a whopping 3.14%. I expect more of this crap which is why I'm calling attention to it now. These guys spend money when they shouldn't and don't when they should.

Dad29 said...

Well, since you don't worry about the national debt, I expected you to see it that way.

Keynes never worried about national debt either.

He was a queer. No children, no grandchildren.

neomom said...

Even the Obamanomics professors have conceded that Porkulus has done as much as it could as far as an actual stimulus since most of it was just to prop up governments instead of actually spurring anything.

Reallocating unspent money sounds like as good of an idea as any. Kind of like when I spent our vacation fund on the kids tuition because the spousal unit is unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Is assclown Feingold up for re-election this year. If so, it's time to get him the hell out. Just like 90% of them. They start out for the people and wind up screwing the people for special interest groups. Feingold needs to go NOW!!

J. Strupp said...

"Sorry jobless Americans. We can't cut you a check because we're afraid it's gonna cost Uncle Sam 3.14% in interest over 10 years to help you out for a little while longer."

Strike that. 2.98% interest over 10 years.

"Keynes never worried about national debt either."

That's completely wrong but believe whatever you want.

As a Catholic, I'd think you'd be open to receiving advice from childless, grandchildless people telling you how you should live your life Dadster.

Dad29 said...

Oh, I am.

But not my ECONOMIC life.

Boy, that Keynes stuff. Sure works well in Europe, eh?

J. Strupp said...

We'll never know.

The Germans are still coping with the ghosts of the Weimar Republic and the rest of Europe has no choice but to do what Deutschland insists.

Just like the good ol' days.

J. Strupp said...

Uh and I meant 2.95%. 2.98% was at about noon today.