Friday, March 14, 2008

Upset? Here's the Bad News

Are the Liberals causing you to have upset stomach? Ulcers? Queasy feelings in the tummy?

Best get over it--now.

...the price of Pepto-Bismol might soon skyrocket. The culprit: soaring bismuth prices. Perhaps Proctor & Gamble will try to hold the line on the price of its popular stomach-soothing elixir. But the commodity markets are simply not cooperating.

The active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol is "bismuth subsalicylate," or C7H5BiO4. Your editor has no idea what's happening to the price of the "subsalicylate" portion of this magical chemical compound, but the price of bismuth is climbing sharply.

"Bismuth market participants are concerned about rapidly rising prices," the Metals Bulletin reported yesterday. "The minor metal traded at $14.25-15.25 per lb in warehouse Rotterdam on Wednesday, up from $13.50-14.50 per lb previously, having gained 45 percent since the end of January."

Not exactly the price-curve of gold over the last few months--but then, you don't drink gold to soothe your tummy.

Source: The Rude Awakening newsletter.

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