Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Alternative Universe of Gene Kane

Frankly, I rarely read his stuff, but there are times when it's necessary. So...

When Obama spoke on the topic of race and politics in Philadelphia on Tuesday, the expectations were he had to deliver in a grand way in order to defuse growing controversy over the incendiary remarks by Wright, his former pastor in Chicago.

The verdict from most: He knocked it out of the park.

What's "it"? By the insta-poll results, showing a large drop in Obamamamama's numbers in PA., the "it" may well be his candidacy.

...I repeated my belief that many white Americans simply don't understand the oral tradition of the black church or the longstanding tradition of some black preachers of calling out white America for racial injustice. Admittedly, Wright used much harsher language than most are accustomed to from their religious figures

It's a 'black thang,' and yah, well, mumblemumblemumble, maybe saying goddamn America was stupid and not really helpful now that all those whiteyhonkeys have seen it.

If folks are honest, they will acknowledge at the very least that Obama showed why he won Wisconsin and that he delivered on the potential many have seen in his candidacy to look at America in a new and exciting way.

"....look at America in a NEW way?" You mean strictly through the lens of race, like Jim Crow?

From his refusal to throw Wright under the bus to his revelation about hurtful comments from his maternal grandmother, it was a tour-de-force performance by Obama that had less to do with politics than it did with humanity.

Yah, Gene. He traded his grandma for his race-baiting pastor. That's "humane," alright.

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