Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stuff Cops Shouldn't Do

Now and then, the cops have a bad day.

Two stories from this AM's paper...

1) The County Mountie who gets nailed for DUI says "You know how many cops I have stopped and let go? Hundreds," he said. "If I saw a car smashed up against the wall and it was a cop, I would let it go, man. You did not have to do this to me."

Maybe he meant "dozens" instead of "hundreds." Same difference. He's just managed to destroy credibility for a lot of badge-wearing folks--and no amount of spinning, waffling, or BS'ing from CopShop HQ types will erase those words.

2) The "shot in the back" lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller refused the city's request to dismiss a civil rights lawsuit brought by the family of Justin Fields, who was shot in the back by officer Craig Nawotka as he drove away from officers.

Stadtmueller also questioned Nawotka's version that Fields, 21, was trying to run him over. Fields was shot in the back as he was driving slowly away from Nawotka and other officers. The judge said there is evidence that neither Nawotka nor anyone else was in danger from Fields.

Well, what the Hell, Your Honor...that BS worked for the UW-M rent-a-cop who shot a Jeep driver in the back a few years back. WhassamattaYOU??

Obviously, Mr. Fields had a serious attitude problem and was fleeing the police. But the "spray and pray" shooting lessons administered by the Milwaukee Police Department have a serious flaw.

I defy you to find a D.A. anyplace in this country who would apply the "justified" label to a case in which a citizen killed someone, attitude or not, by shooting him in the back.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Not only do cops typically let other cops go, they usually let firemen and military personnel of the hook too. I have heard this from many cop buddies o' mine.