Thursday, March 27, 2008

Esenberg, the Prophet

NOTE: Esenberg is a graduate of HARVARD LAW, (the Kennedy place) NOT that other East Coast school (Buckley's place.)

(With that noted, and with certain kissing motions having been made, we will now resume normal bloglodyte-ism.)

WEAC notes that 94% of Wisconsin school districts are cutting back on expenditures. No surprise: the spigots are turned tighter, and taxpayers' complaints are being taken seriously.

Here's the payoff line:

"This isn’t a partisan issue and we’re going to continue working with legislators," WEAC Vice President Guy Costello said. "This is hitting all of our schools directly."

That's code for "If we don't get our way we will sue the living s&^% out of you."

Precisely what Esenberg mentioned in his white paper.

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