Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sensenbrenner: Right Again

Jim Sensenbrenner says out loud what a lot of folks are thinking.

Sensenbrenner said he did not find President Bush's planned attendance at the Olympics objectionable, he said, "I think the State Department and the president should be more proactive in exposing this egregious human rights violation."

Oh, yeah, there's more:

Sensenbrenner sharply denounced China's conduct and also criticized the U.S. State Department, saying it erred in removing China recently from a list of top 10 human rights violators.

A certain RadioMouth wants Condi Rice to run for President....yah...that's the ticket.

"China ought to get back on the list and get back soon," said Sensenbrenner, who spoke by telephone from India.

"The United States has prided itself on being a leader on questions of human rights," Sensenbrenner said. "This is the most severe human rights violation that has occurred in 2008. And the United States government and State Department should not sit idly by while the Chinese beat up and torture innocent Tibetans."

Once again, the ChiComs demonstrate the virtues of the totalitarian state.

"Healthy Wisconsin," anyone?

And STILL more:

Sensenbrenner is the senior Republican on a 10-member congressional delegation led by Pelosi to the United Kingdom and India - a trip devoted largely to the issue of global warming.

Sensenbrenner said he sought to stress to the government of India that no global agreement on that issue will be effective without the participation of India and China.

"The message I was giving to the Indian government at the highest levels was they had to participate. I can't say it was too well received," he said.

But hey! Regulate more HERE, to make up for it. That way, the US economy will no longer be a threat to the Universe.

Of course, there will be no US economy, either.

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