Friday, March 28, 2008

ANOTHER Complaint Filed on Butler

Seems like Loophole Louie is a complaint-magnet.

Today Wisconsin Family Action filed a formal request for investigation with the Wisconsin
Judicial Commission charging that Justice Louis Butler has misled Wisconsin citizens and impaired his ability to render fair and impartial decisions in cases affecting so-called “gay rights” and marriage.

The request documents that Justice Butler, after having said he would not take money from parties to cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, did just that. Justice Butler took money from two board members of the pro-homosexual, pro-same-sex marriage organization Fair Wisconsin (formerly Action Wisconsin) while the high court is considering a case involving the group. Additionally, the request shows his interaction with prohomosexual organizations and their efforts on his behalf.

“Right now we are tracking several cases related to our pro-family, pro-traditional marriage position. Two of those cases are already before the Supreme Court. The other, a direct challenge to the constitutionality of the marriage amendment, will likely land there. We are very concerned about Justice Butler’s ability to rule on these cases—and any others of a similar nature—in a fair and impartial way. We believe his actions warrant a formal complaint,” concluded Appling.

I'll let Jay do the research as to whether they are Friebert, Finerty cases...


Anonymous said...

Appling is app[a]lling! This is more of the same old shinola. Notice how it was filed on the Friday before the election. This is the last refuse of scoundrels.

Anonymous said...

The last REFUGE of scoundrels, I meant, although much of what she writes can be categorized as "refuse."

Anonymous said...

Read the complaint. It is ridiculous, not to mention poorly written. Appling should have had her long time live in companion (a woman) write it for her.