Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preaching 400: Abp Sheen

Maybe someday someone will actually use this guy's work in the "Homiletics" course at the Seminary.

Over many years, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen always ended his traditional Good Friday preaching... with the following stirring and timeless reflection:

"For whenever there is silence round about me---by day or night---I am startled by a cry!

"It came down from the cross the first-time I heard it.

"And I went out and searched....... and I found a man in the throes of crucifixion!

"And I said: 'I will take you down.'

"And he said: 'I cannot be taken down until every man and woman and child come together to take me down.'

"But I said: 'What can I do ? ....I cannot bear your cry'!!

"And he said: 'Go into the world and tell everyone that you meet---There is a man on the cross!!'"

HT: A Shepherd

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